What do you look for?

Items purchased within 3 to 4 yrs, in season, and in great condition.

Women's clothing sizes XS - 3XL, shoes, costume or fine jewelry, and accessories.

What brands do you take?

A Few Brand Examples: Anthropologie, Athleta, Chanel, Eileen Fisher, Free People, Fendi, Gucci, J.Crew, Johnny Was, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Lululemon, Madewell, Mother Denim, Patagonia, Rag & Bone, St.John, Theory, Tory Burch, Vince, Zara

Seasonal Intake schedule:

We do not take items every day of the year.

Spring & Summer: March - May

Fall & Winter: Sept - Nov

Limited or NO inake at the ene of seasons (Dec, Jan, Feb & June, July, Aug).

Does clothing need to be on hangers?

Yes, for an appointment we ask for clothes to be on hangers, we can return them.

If you drop and run, bagged or on hangers you don't want back is fine.

NO shoe boxes! (we don't have space)

We Don't Take

NO: men's, bridal, gowns, juniors, prom wear, children's, household, most vintage, knockoff designer, and no underwear (bras, socks, tights)

Brands usually passed on: Coldwater Creek, Liz Claiborne, Chico's, Polo, Kasper, Vera Bradley, etc.

And most inexpensive brands, with little resale value (Ex: WalMart, Old Navy, Shein)

We are picky with common items: work wear (slacks, blazers, suits), plain t-shirts, button downs, jeans, dresses, due to a large quantity brought in.

Why wouldn't you take an item?

- It's out of season

- It's an older style or purchased 3-4+ yrs ago

- Wear (stain, hole, snag, pilling, not washed, pet hair)

- Odor (like moth ball or smoke)

- No brand tag or size label

- Overstock (we have limited space!)

Ready To Bring Items In?

We don't look at items on the spot without an appt. There are two options to bring items in.

1. Drop And Run:

Bring items anytime we're open, later we go through them, add accepted items to your account, and donate items not accepted.

- We do not record donations and don't offer a tax deduction.

- If this is not ideal, look at appointments.

- An itemized list of what's taken will show on your online portal once inventoried.

2. Appointments:

Fill out an appointment request form on our website. Staff will contact you when we have time available to schedule the appointment.

- Correcly done, the screen says submitted.

- Wait time can be 1-2 days or weeks.

- Schedule only one appointment per season.

- Stay in-store during appt. takes 10-30 mins.

-Clothing must be on hangers. We're happy to return them, just let us know!

- An itemized list shows on the online portal once inventoried (not at appt) in 1-2 days or weeks, depending on store demand.

- Your consignment period starts once the itmes are inventoried, not at the appointment date.

Why do I have to make an appointment?

"it's just a couple of items or I'll come back to pick up what's not accepted later?"

- To manage space, time, & inventory, we can not do that.

- Also, not all staff takes inventory.

When can I bring my holiday items?

- Holiday items should be inventoried over a month prior to the holiday.

- Ex: no winter holiday pieces by Dec. Winter pieces should be between Oct. - Nov.

How do you determine pricing?

- Industry standard is 1/3 of retail price.

- Pricing can vary more or less, depending on brand, condition, age, and current inventory.

- All items can be included in varying slaes.

I've consigned, now what?

- You receive 40% of the selling price.

- Our website shows a link in menu to log on to your account. Uploads takes 1-2 days/weeks.

How do I get paid?

- Use as store credit or request a payout.

- Once requested, checks under $100 are in-store the following week. Over $100 amounts mail out by end of the following month from request.

What happens if my items don't sell?

- You may still get credit if an items sell after the 90 day contract period.

- If not sold by the season change (usually around the end of March or September) it is donated.

- After 90 days, portal only shows your balance.

I want my items back that don't sell?

- To return unsold items, staff finds and pulls unsold items at the end of season for a $5 fee.

- Return requests must be made before 90 days are over.

- No early returns and only done by staff.

This is a summary of our process, contact us for any questions.